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ZZ Transport Projects

Below is a glimpse from the work we have done for our valued customers

Mega Projects

We had been involved in Mega Project  involved with the transportation of large out of gauge pieces and custom goods as required by the project nature

Air Freight Project

Large Air Freight projects are our speciality and we pride ourselves on always having the trucks ready and waiting when the plane arrives.

The Impossible Coca Cola.

Several transport companies turned this job down as being to hard.  Here at ZZ Transport we never say too hard , if you have a specialized job we will make sure we have the equipment to get it done safely and correctly.


This Coke Cola container had to be placed in the middle of the city in between a light post and a tree, not an easy job but ZZ Transport made the impossible possible.

Modified Containers - Out of Metro Area Projects

ZZ Transport take on the long haul deliveries of all types of containers or out of gauge materials.

Project Cartage Services

ZZ Transport ACED IT !! Specilized Project work is our passion and we get the job done right everytime. It could be Hopman Cup, any musical concert or entertainment gathering

Under Hook

ZZ Transport will liaise with the wharf to collect those special project pieces for you and get them to where they have to be.

Last Confessions

ZZ Transport will deal with any project work large or small. Container deliveries with Perth City are never easy but we will alway accept the challenge.

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