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ZZ Transport Services

Welcome to ZZ Transport, Australia's most reliable truck transport service provider. We stake this claim because we give you:

Reliability: We focus on hiring only the best drivers in the market and treat them with dignity and respect so that they deliver great service EVERY time.

Capacity: We have a great team of drivers and contract with the best sub contract drivers so we can meet your requirements at all times, whether it is for sideloader, semi trailer, LCL, Project work or specialty moves EVERY time.

Easy Transport Service: Our mission statement is With ZZ Your Transport is Easy !!  We love our customers and are here to make transport easier for you. We are a transport company that believes in giving customers what they want, and providing a friendly and easy service. That can only mean one thing: We do transportation because we love it... We love it because we do it well.


Our Promise: To do what we say and say what we mean. We will always give you the following:

  • Excellent, Reliable Truck Movements.

  • Honest Delivery Dates.

  • Fair and Competitive Pricing.

  • Respectful and Friendly Drivers.

  • Accountable and Helpful Dispatch Team.

ZZ Transport thrives on overseeing special projects for special freight. We excel in meeting logistics challenges throughout Australia, by utilizing our teams expertise to solve the most complex moves. Project freight is often deemed too difficult to handle by many transport companies, who are intimidated by special demands of importers and exporters. At ZZ Transport we are more than willing to tackle these complex tasks, providing effective solutions for all your cargo needs. We take on the challenge of Project Cartage delivery, provide logistic solutions providing excellent customer service to our customers.

Ocean Freight Transportation

Here at ZZ Transport we offer a wide range of container delivery methods, side loader, semi trailer, low loader, low profile side loader, Tautliner (single or double deck) or let our friendly staff know if you require a specialist truck delivery and we will do our best to source this equipment for you.

We can also handle a varity of different container types such as Out of Gauge, Hazardous, Open Top and many more.

We love project work and will work with you to ensure your project needs are always taken care of to the highest level.

Air Freight Transportation

Here at ZZ Transport our team understands the nature of air freight requirements and that your customer is paying for an express service and we aim to help you make your delivery deadlines.

We will have our trucks ready for your freighter plane arrival or be at your air freight depot to collect your unpacked goods, as soon as they are available.

Whether it is containerised, palletised  or loose cargo, we will be there to collect and deliver as soon as possible.

Unpack, Store & Transportation

Our team at ZZ Transport know that sometimes you might need a little help with your deliveries, whether it's stuffing or de-stuffing containers to your specific requirements and delivering as soon as possible or storing your goods until required, our team is here to help you with this and ensure the highest standards of care are taken at all times.


With a large warehouse capacity and licenced to hold dangerous goods, there is nothing that we can't handle.

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